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EE 383P-6: Optoelectronic Devices (Spring 2007-2015, 2017, 2019 - planned)

A graduate-level introduction to semiconductor optoelectronic devices for communications, spectroscopy, and other applications. Reviews the requisite physics, device operating principles, and practical strengths/weaknesses of devices. Topics include:
  • Applicable semiconductor physics and quantum mechanics (E-k space, k⋅p, particle-in-a-box, etc.)
  • Heterostructures and band/strain engineering
  • Materials systems, preparation, and characterization
  • Optical absorption, emission, and refraction processes of bulk and nanostructures
  • Light emitting diodes
  • Photodetectors
  • Solar cells
  • Modulators
  • Lasers (edge-emitting, vertical-cavity, quantum cascade)
  • Other topics as time permits (e.g. THz sources/detectors, photonic crystals and other nanophotonic devices)
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EE 348: Lasers and Optical Engineering (Fall 2007-2010, Spring 2016, 2018)

This is an upper division undergraduate course that introduces the key aspects of lasers and other optical devices that are used in a variety of applications, ranging from cutting/welding to >10 Tbit/s fiber optic data links to artificial guide stars for astronomy. We will develop the requisite physics to (1) discover why lasers are actually losers, (2) qualitatively and quantitatively describe laser operation, and (3) identify the key tradeoffs in practical laser design.

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EE 302: Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering (Fall 2011-Present)

The scope and nature of professional activities of electrical engineers, including problem-solving techniques; analysis and design methods; engineering professional ethics; analysis of analog resistive circuits, including Thevenin/Norton equivalents, mesh analysis, and nodal analysis; and operational amplifiers (DC response).

Lab explores fundamental and practical aspects of electrical engineering, culminating in teams designing and implementing this:


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EE 364H/464H: Honors Senior Design (Fall 2010-Present)

Mentored senior design teams; supervised projects include a real-time ketone monitor, virtual whiteboard system, face-tracking directional audio system, a LED-based solar cell testing system (won 3rd place):